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Stress-graded pine construction and building materials

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Crofts construction timber meets the requirements of the NZ building code, all products are stress graded and verified to SG8 using high-tech acoustic grading systems. We visually check every product to ensure it meets the structural timber requirements.

Designed for inground use, all Croft building and foundation piles are H5 treated for durability.

Our H5 Certified House Piles are standard 125 x 125 sq and available in lengths from 0.6m to 6.0m.

Rough Sawn

Treatment H4 H4 SG8 H5 H5 SG8 H6 SG8
100 x 25 x
150 x 25 x
150 x 40 x
100 x 50 x x
150 x 50 x x x x
200 x 50 x x x
250 x 50 x x x
150 x 75 x x
150 x 150 x
200 x 200 x

Machine Gauged

Treatment H4 H4 SG8 H5 H5 SG8
100 x 50 x
150 x 50 x
200 x 50