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Rough sawn or machined timber suited to any job.

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Our treated timber will suit any job from construction of retaining walls, to horticultural shelter belts, farm fencing and marine use. 

Treated from H4-H6 and in a wide range of sizes and specifications, you can be assured that we’ll find you the right product.

Northland is one of only two regions in the country where the climate and soil conditions naturally grow the strongest pine. The soil conditions and climate here mean that the trees grow more slowly and slower growth creates higher density wood. Naturally stronger wood builds naturally stronger walls or fences that will stand the test of time and whatever the environment throws at them.

The right treatment for the job

Our rough sawn and machine gauged timber is treated to stringent New Zealand standards.


For high decay areas such as ground contact or freshwater. Perfect for fence posts and landscaping timbers.


For severe decay hazard risks such as ground contact where conditions of severe or continuous wetting may occur. H5 products are used for house piles and poles, retaining walls and horticultural supports.


For marine use. Wharf piles and fenders, marine and jetty components regularly immersed in seawater or estuarine ground.

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