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Jetty, wharf and marina structures need to stand up to the harshest conditions, our high density H6 timber poles are manufactured to order and offer the highest level of treatment available. Our H6 marine products are structurally strong and treated to withstand marine and estuarine environments.

To extend the performance of poles in marine and other harsh environments, in addition to H6 treatment, it may be necessary to use a PVC protective sleeve to prevent the poles being eaten by shipworms. Shipworms are a water-dwelling wood boring worm that eat wooden piles. Unfortunately you can’t get rid of shipworms with pesticides or by simply removing them, so the next best thing is protecting the pile.

All H6 products are made to order contact us today with your requirements.

H6 Disclaimer:

H6 products do not carry a guarantee or warranty and H6 poles are sold on/under the conditions of a sleeved end use only.  However the exact conditions of use, the environment where the products may be used and any fabrication methods that may be involved, are all unknown factors that Croft Poles & Timber has no direct control over, meaning that Croft Poles & Timber cannot give a guarantee or warranty under those circumstances.