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Naturally stronger poles tough enough for any job.

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Our treated timber poles are tough enough for any job. From horticulture to retaining walls, whatever size and specifications you need, you can be assured that we’ll supply the right product every time.

Croft Poles and Timber source our logs from across Northland where the climate and soil conditions are perfect for growing stronger radiata pine. Slower grown trees are denser and you can clearly see this in their tightly compact growth rings. This high density Northland pine makes our poles naturally stronger and tough enough for any job.

The right treatment for the job

Our roundwood (posts and poles) and sawn lumber are treated to stringent New Zealand standards (NZS3640:2003) protecting them from decay and many wood-boring insects or termites.


For high decay areas such as ground contact or freshwater. Perfect for fence posts and landscaping timbers.


For severe decay hazard risks such as ground contact where conditions of severe or continuous wetting may occur. H5 products are used for house piles and poles, retaining walls and horticultural supports.


For marine use. Wharf piles and fenders, marine and jetty components regularly immersed in seawater or estuarine ground.

Take a look at the Koppers guide to Hazard Classes for more information on timber preservation.

H6 Disclaimer:

H6 products do not carry a guarantee or warranty and H6 poles are sold on/under the conditions of a sleeved end use only.  However the exact conditions of use, the environment where the products may be used and any fabrication methods that may be involved, are all unknown factors that Croft Poles & Timber has no direct control over, meaning that Croft Poles & Timber cannot give a guarantee or warranty under those circumstances.

NZS3640:2003 Chemical Preservation of Round and Sawn Timber (CCA Treatment Chemical).

Croft Poles Are

Poles can be installed in a wide variety of ground conditions both above ground, in-ground and marine. Every pole is quality checked before it leaves our site and we take care to ensure it reaches you in the same condition as it left our site.

We produce both standard SED poles and machined LazerLogs. Lazerlogs are processed through our bezner machine to produce a pole with the same diameter on each end creating a poles with clean straight lines. Easy to use, our Lazerlogs are perfect for retaining walls or building projects where looks matter.