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A brand for future generations

Croft has been around for generations, our family started our first mill in 1916. Even though we have a long history, our industry is ever changing and we continue to develop our skills and knowledge to deliver great products to our customers. We are proud of our history and proud to be based in Northland, where we continue to source the majority of our wood from Northland forests.

As the business has evolved we felt it was time to create a new brand for future generations. A brand that would both represent us today and take us forward into the future. We’ve also introduced a sub-brand which focuses on the high density Northland pine we use. Pine grown in Northland is stronger because it grows more slowly and that strength is a feature of our new sub-brand – Naturally Stronger. We wanted our brands to represent both the strength of our team and our timber.

The new Croft logo is a stylised sawblade combined with the Croft ‘C” and we’ve introduced the word timber into our brand name to reflect the growth in our timber product lines over the years. The business has become much more than just Poles.

The new brand is being rolled out slowly across all our sites, but one thing is sure you’ll continue to receive naturally stronger products delivered where and when you need them.

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